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Poor financial advice leads to poor health

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Australians face a complex environment in which to make their financial decisions, with a wide range of financial products and strategies available. Making wrong decisions could harm your health.

Planning for major life events

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Many people do not consider seeking financial advice until they experience a significant “trigger” in their lives. Common triggers can include buying a first home, planning a wedding, paying for education fees, extended travel and/or relocation overseas.

Business Succession Planning Essentials

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Financial planning is vital preparing businesses for sale. The eventual handing over or sale of a business is inevitable for every business owner. Succession planning is the process of identifying and developing internal people to take over a business, or preparing a business for an eventual external sale.

Farm succession planning

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This case study allows you to extend your knowledge of succession planning in the context of farming enterprises and apply this to a practical example. In order to successfully complete the assessment, you may need to draw on your prior knowledge, or research the following:

Get Expert Opinion Before FOS

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What if you invested with a financial planner and the financial product or service went sour? Have you lost money and believe that your financial adviser is responsible because you did not get good financial advice?  
Have you lost the money with the Storm Financial?  
Did your financial advisor guide you through the Global Financial Crisis or left you abandoned?  

Business succession planning: key person insurance

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The main principle of business succession planning was defined as planning for the death, total and permanent disablement, or trauma of a proprietor, and ensuring that where equity in a business needs to change hands as a result, then the right amount of money reaches the right party(ies) at the right time.

The price of good financial advice

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At a broad industry level, FoFA has provided the impetus required to kick-off a cultural shift toward a greater level of professionalism. One of the most significant challenges we face is changing the traditional values of a sales culture which has seen clients charged trail commissions, in some cases without any ongoing service element. With the cost of living at front of mind for most consumers, it's an interesting challenge our industry faces to alter public perception.

Financial planning for children

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If asked, most clients would probably say that their children are priceless, but as figures demonstrate, they’re certainly not cheap. A 2007 study indicated that the typical Australian family spends $537,000 on raising two children from birth to age 21 on expenses such as housing, clothing, food, energy, transport, recreation and education. 

Getting Started in Estate Planning

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Australia’s rapidly ageing population is making estate planning an increasingly significant facet of a comprehensive financial plan and presents a lucrative business opportunity for financial advisers seeking to carve out a niche in this area. 
For practitioners looking to add this service to their advice offering, there are some key steps they can take to establish a sustainable estate planning service for both existing and prospective clients. 

Financial planning for low income earners

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Financial literacy is a vital part of navigating today’s complex financial world. However, despite the importance of financial literacy, certain socio-economic groups have been consistently left out when it comes to receiving financial advice. Low income clients are a major group which have traditionally been excluded from the advice process. This is partly due to barriers such as cost and access to affordable advice, but also due to issues such as an industry focus on high-net-worth clients.

Your Personal Estate Planning

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Estate planning can help protect both your assets and your family’s future from the unexpected, but very possible, effects of legal action.  Estate planning consists of more than just a well-drafted will. Wills govern the assets that make up your estate and allow your intentions to be enacted. Standard wills suffice in many cases where extensive property and/or investment holdings are not involved. However, many Australians have assets that may not, or would not, form part of their estate if they died.

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