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iMoney investment advisors offer financial planning advice services, superannuation, redundancy and investment management. iMoney financial Planners evaluate all investment and financial options available, planning to ensure an optimal return of those investment and financial decisions. iMoney can help you with financial planning, financial advice and boutique strategies. 
  • Client-centred service: Our financial advisers  are here to serve your personal, family and business financial needs.

  • Friendly advice: Our financial advisors can assist with a financial plan or retirement strategy to insure financial stability for you and your loved ones.

  • Trusted business partner: Our financial planners can offer strategic financial advice on expansion, acquisitions, divestments, change management and restructuring.

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By reading this today you made the first wise step to your financial future.  There, now that wasn’t so hard was it, now let’s take that stack of papers and facts and figures from every guru in the financial world and toss them in the rubbish and start fresh. What is going to separate our advice from the rest?

It’s quite simple, best-of-breed specialists in investment strategies will draw up tailor-made solutions in line with your objectives.

We work with you in finding the best investments for the type of investing that you want. Ok, you have cleared your desk of all the clutter, you have cleared your mind and are open to the best money strategists that money can buy, so learn Why Choose iMoney.

We have a very clear investment philosophy which is asset protection, wealth preservation and legacy. We will work to help you and your family be comfortable in all ways. You should also review these commonly overlooked areas before it’s too late: